Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby clothes!

I have a couple baby clothes that I got from my Sister-n-law Amber for Easter. :-)

 I love them all, SO cute!!:

Thanks Amber for being so thoughtful!!!! I love you SO much!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In week 9

Well today I am 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant, over the weekend I felt great, didn't dry heave once! It was really nice a relaxing to spend it with the family for Easter. I got some of the cutest baby clothes from my 
Sister-n-law for Easter, she is so sweet! I don't have a picture of them on hand but I will up load a picture later.

So On Monday I was on the phone with Medicaid just trying to figure it out and how it works... I was on hold for 23 minutes! Ugh it was so annoying. Well then I got online and was trying to chat with someone about the PCN care they submitted Bill into to see if we could get some type of coverage for him too... that took about and hour and a half of them kicking me out of the chat box and telling me the wait time is 5 minutes, then 7 minutes, then I would actually wait 10 minutes and be kicked out again, finally when someone would talk to me she said she couldn't help me and that I would have to call the number that I called earlier that day and was on hold for so long... lets just say I never called that number and the next day my husband did... he still had to wait  on hold for 16 minutes... wow! Medicaid is so hard to get a hold of! haha

In Week 8

Oh my, this has not been fun I have been dry heaving at everything, my poor husband will be trying to cook bacon and eggs to go in a breakfast burrito or on a breakfast sandwich and I will dry heave like 5 times. Luckily I'm not throwing up but drying heaving all the time is very embarrassing. And smells that normally would make my mouth water is now making me dry heave. :-(

 I have on the other hand been getting better at keeping my nauseated feeling under control by eating yogurt, fruit, string cheese, peanuts and other things about every hour, unless it has a lot of protein in it then it will hold me over for 2-3+ hours. 

In week 7

Feeling so sick, I keep getting light headed and nauseated if I don't eat something like every hour, its awful!
On a good note:
My little sister LeAnna came and stayed the weekend with us it was so good to see her. During her stay she bought me this cute baby onesie: 


So for a couple weeks I was feeling really ill, and didn't really know what was going on so I thought well maybe I am pregnant (which my doctor said since I was taking the Depo Shot I wouldn't even be able to get pregnant until around November) so I asked my wonderful husband Bill to pick up some pregnancy tests on the way home from school... well a couple hours later I text him and told him never mind that I was pretty sure I wasn't pregnant and it was just a bug... he called me and said "Too late, I just picked them up" haha so when he got home we watched a show and then he said I should go test. 

I really didn't think I would be pregnant but I tested anyways... I walk out of the bathroom with the biggest smile on my face and Bill said "Does that mean you are pregnant?" he smiles, I said "Yes!" and we hugged with overwelming happiness...

 Immediately after we started freaking... Bill says "Babe, we don't have any insurance what are we suppose to do??!" we started calling around and they told us to sign up for Medicaid, I did a fast sign up to see if we even qualified... and we didn't... I started stressing really bad and actually submitted a form to Medicaid with only my information thinking I'm the one that needs the help not necessarily my husband and lo and behold they excepted me saying that since at the time of me turning in my papers I didn't have a job that my husband's income was below their maximum income rate so we qualified! But that was after us getting signed documents from our employers and and all kinds of paperwork... its hard to get into Medicaid but we did it and now my entire pregnancy is completely paid for we actually just got the Approval notice April 9th 2012 and we submitted the papers March 23rd 2012!!!

  I found out I was pregnant Tuesday March 20th, 2012 by taking three pregnancy test, the first two were tests from the dollar store and I felt paranoid that they were wrong so I went and bought the $7 one and it was positive too... I called my mom and told her and she was so excited of course. :-) She gave of tips on who to call and what programs would most likely work best for us... she was extremely helpful and comforting. Well the next day I ending up taking two more pregnancy tests, haha yes I was that paranoid, I just couldn't believe it!

The next day I signed up with "Baby Your Baby" who would pay for my first two months worth of Pre-Natal vitamins, Nausea medicine and my first couple appointments including all the blood work while we were trying to get Medicaid figured out. I got a pretty pick piece of paper stating I was defiantly pregnant and that made my day, no more in-home pregnancy tests! :-)

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 I went in for an ultrasound, since I was on the Depo shot i still never had a period so I had NO CLUE how far along I was... they told me I was 6 weeks and 4 days along according to the ultrasound and that my due date is November 12th, 2012!

We are so excited! If it is a girl we are thinking Kenli Marie Mounteer, and if it is a boy, Liam Derek Mounteer. According to the Ancient Chinese Calender I will be having a boy which is secretly what I am hoping for but of course I will be completely happy with whatever the Lord will bless me with!